Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ah Lipp Famous Penang Prawn Mee

It has been a while since my mum went Bt. Batok West Ave 6 there and she told me she wants to go there eat.

There are a few coffeeshop there, the coffeeshop that my mum want to have her meal, saw a new stall Ah Lipp Famous Penang Prawn Mee.  Saw they sell Prawn Mee, Penang White Curry Noodle, Assam Laksa, etc.  Ordered a bowl of Penang White Curry Noodle @ $4.20 to try out.  The soup, just nice, not diluted and also not too thick.

I had bee hoon mee

The ingredients included tau pok, cookies, fish cake, chicken, sotong.

The chilli sauce

Overall, thumb up to the Penang White Curry Noodle and also the price is reasonable.  Will go back to try the Prawn Mee.

They are open every day from 8am to 8pm (if I didn't remember wrongly).

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dry Pan Mee @ Malaysia Boleh

Was back at Malaysia Boleh to try out the Dry Pan Mee.  This round, there was no long queue, maybe due to the wet weather.

Dry Pan Mee @ $4, ingredients include minced meat ikan bilis, egg, mushroom.  No vegetables as no stock. 

The Pan Mee

Comes with a soup

A cup of coffee a day for me.  Latte @ McCafe ($3).

Monday, September 18, 2017

Friday the 15th

Starts the day with the usual weekly Friday Breakfast at PPHCSC.  Auntie Lee and Auntie Mary was there, but they did not talk to each other.  Uncle Choo's wife was there too.  She was discharge from Ng Teng Foong Hospital a day before (Thursday).

After the breakfast session, my mum wanted to go Jurong East St. 24 walk walk.  She wanted to eat Sliced Fish Soup, since I was not hungry after eating the beehoon mee at PPHCSC, I thought I will order sliced fish soup with fried fish, my mum will have the slice fish with rice while I had the fried fish.

After that, went to the nearby coffeeshop to have coffee, coffee @ $1.10 a cup.  The Auntie was asking me if my mum is not well as now my mum doesn't talk much and has not been there for quite a while.  Previously, my mum used to order the coffee and bread and joke with the few Auntie selling coffee, but this round, she doesn't talk to them.

Mouth itchy, so order some snacks @ $4 to satisfy my itchy mouth.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Malaysia Boleh @ Jurong Point

On Sunday, while having refreshment at the Church, was chit chatting with an Auntie who mention she stays near Jurong Point and understand that there's an extension to Malaysia Boleh and more stalls added.

So I decided to get my grocery from the supermarket at Jurong Point and check out Malaysia Boleh new stalls.

At first, thought my mum will try out new items, but she stick to her usual Chicken Rice @ $3.50.

Ordered a small Fried Carrot Cake @ $3.50 to share.

I have wanted to try the Pan Mee, but due to the Q, I try out the Duck Rice @ $3.50.

The soup

 I'll be back another round to try the Pan Mee as saw from other tables, it looks good.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dumpling Noodle

I was frustrated and upset for the last few days.  My home had been a bit messy, the Social Worker has volunteer to get some volunteers (around 8 of them) to come over to help spring clean my place last Saturday.  In the course of it, I am not sure if they do check the items before they throw the things away as some items has been missing. 

One of the item is a sling bag which I bought from Jurong West 500+ there to replace my old bag which has torn.  Lucky the bag is not a very expensive bag, if not, I think I will knock my head against the wall.  I do not have a sugar daddy nor do I grow money.  Now that those things they throw again, I got to go get them again.

The other time I bought the bag, I ask the lady how often she's there, she reply me, she's usually there on alt Tuesday and Thursday, once a month.

So I decided to go on Tuesday to check out if she's there, yes, she's there and I managed to buy the bag.

Since I'm there, I might as well settle my meal there.  There's two wanton mee stall there in the same row, saw more people ordering from this stall. I ordered from this stall.

Had dumpling noodle at $3, will the filing prawn and minced meat, which I find that it's nice.

The soup

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It's Sunday (10th Sept)

Auntie Lee didn't go Church on Sunday as her eldest son is visiting her.  Auntie Mary went Church. While waiting for the transport, Auntie Mary mention about spy, also mention PPHCSC Manager name, guess she's referring to me as I ever mention to the Manager about her.

As usual, after Service, my mum wanted to go Seah Im Food Centre for lunch.  She had fish soup with rice.

I had Tom Yam Soup @ $4.50

Ingredients include prawn, sliced fish, sotong, vegetables.

Rice @ $0.50

After walking one round at Harbourfront, actually, I thought of Toast Box at Harbourfront, but my mum not keen, she prefers Heavenly Wang as it's nearer to walk to the bus stop.  2 cups of coffee @ $1.80 each.

Peanut butter with kaya roti @ $2.60 and that kept me so full that I didn't take dinner.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What a Friday

As usual, Friday breakfast at PPHCSC, the usual beehoon mee, so didn't take picture.  Longtong prepared by Ms Rosalind and the team at PPHCSC.

While waiting for the door to open to enter PPHCSC, Auntie Mary saw Auntie Lee arriving and greet her.

While chatting with Auntie Lee at the breakfast session, Auntie Lee was telling me, actually she doesn't want to talk to Auntie Mary in the first place as on Tuesday, Auntie Lee went PPHCSC for the karaoke session, Auntie Mary was there, she wave a few times to Auntie Mary, but Auntie Mary ignore her.

Uncle Choo was there, understand from him that his wife was admitted to Ng Teng Foong Hospital. 

The Chinese Ministry Pastor is there and was inform of it.

Went Ng Teng Foong Hospital to visit Uncle Choo wife.  I did not know Uncle Choo wife name and also her ward and bed no.  Since now that Hospital need to register to visit patient, went to the registration staff and told the staff, I want to visit a neighbour, but I do not know her name, bed and ward no., she's staying at Blk xx, xx, can you find out for me.  The staff told me, need to have the name, by address, can't find out.  I roughly heard Uncle Choo mention to the Chinese Ministry Pastor, but due to bad memory, I didn't remember it.  So only roughly roughly said it.  Lucky mention to find out and I  went to visit her.

After visiting her, since I had a heavy breakfast at PPHCSC, I didn't go and eat anything, but thought of having a cup of coffee before going back.  

I have wanted to try the coffee at Breadtalk Cafe which is located at Westgate.  Ordered a regular latte @ $3.80.

Address of Breadtalk Cafe, 3 Gateway Drive, #02-03, Westgate, Singapore 608532, Tel : 6465 9893

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