Thursday, March 15, 2018

Week 10 (Part 4 of 4)

10th Mar (Sat)

I sign up for a Caregiver Support Group @ New Horizon Centre (Bukit Batok) where I get to meet other caregivers whose love one has the same diagnosis as my mum and also there's a talk by guest speaker.

It's suppose to be from 2.30pm  - 4.30pm, but as the speaker is unable to make it in the afternoon, it was change to 10.30pm - 12pm.

There are two guest speakers for that day, Mr Seith and Ms Sally from Agency for Integrated Care.  Topic for that day is Planning Ahead : Advance Care Planning.

While have refreshment after the talk, a few of us was sitting in the same table.  A lady was sharing that her dad did not shower for, I won't share the duration here, it stunned me. My mum has the same problem in which there's a time, my mum did not shower for three weeks.

But now, thank God, after she goes to the Day Care Centre, if she does not shower every day, at least she will shower alternate days.  She used to wear the 101 cloth, but now at least she change every day.

Since my mum has eaten in the morning, so I thought I will go Church for the 1.30pm Hokkien Service as I need to clarify with Pastor on an issue about my mum. If not, I have to go home.

After the service, I was at Bukit Merah View, as I was craving for Curry Chicken, there's a stall in the Food Centre selling curry chicken, order it.  Price is $3.50.

Rice is $0.50.  After that, tabao a packet of rice back for my mum.

11th Mar (Sun)

Start off my day with a Zumba workout at my neighbourhood.

* Picture by RC volunteer

After the workout, went back to have a shower before proceeding to the Community Centre for the Community Health Screening which I have register at $2.  My mum didn't go for the blood test as she has did it less than 1 year.  But I did sign up for her the Functional Screening which is for age 60 and above.  What they did : oral health, vision and hearing.

Bump into an auntie whose hubby has the same diagnosis as my mum.  She was sharing that when her hubby was talking to her, he will shout at her.  I then told her, my mum is the same.  When with others, she's courteous, when with me, the not nice tone will be there.

After everything done, it's lunch time.  My mum had roasted duck rice @ $3 at the nearby coffeeshop.

I had fishball mee kia @ $2.50.  At first, I thought of mi tai bak, but no more mi tai bak.  Business was good that day, my mum finish her roasted duck rice, but my fishball mee kia was not here yet.

One plain and one egg prata @ $2.50 to share with my mum.

Earlier on at the Day Care Centre that my mum goes to, they have an Open House, try the tie and dye.  We were told to open after one week and wash it.

2nd round of exercise is, Sundays at the Park at my kampong from 5pm to 6pm.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Week 10 (Part 3 of 4)

9th Mar (Fri)

I walk over to PPHCSC while my mum was waiting for the transport, and seeing no Q,  went for the breakfast, business was good, left not much bee hoon at that time.  After my mum board the transport, I walk back to PPHCSC, no more bee hoon.  Some residents were left with nothing to eat that one of the staff has to walk to the Food Centre to buy bee hoon.

An auntie saw me, ask me, your mum go Day Care Centre.  Reply her, yes.  Again, the same old question pop up, no need to pay?  Seem that these people is more interested about money.  As I never ask question, what is the elderly doing in the Day Care Centre.  From what I understand, her grandson school fee, she apply for financial assistance, so her grandson school fee, she needs not pay.  But my mum Day Care Centre fee, not under financial assistance lah, got to pay leh.  Unless I got kind soul people to sponsor lor, then no need to pay lor.  If not, where got no need to pay leh. 

 I have a book in mind to borrow from the library, was at the coffeeshop having my lunch to avoid the lunch crowd.   Roasted meat rice @ $3.50.

Managed to find the book I wants to borrow.

Tea break for my mum at the Day Care Centre, chicken pie.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Week 10 (Part 2 of 4)

7th Mar (Wed)

Need to do marketing and end up at Jurong West 500+ market.

Had porridge

With 梅菜

braised egg

Chicken cutlet

Total : $4.50

My extra,  scone @ $0.60 from a bakery shop while buying bread.  I always can't resist the temptation and end up buying something to eat.

The driver ask me if I will be going to the Day Care Centre, told her I will be going in later which is in the afternoon.  While the elderly are playing games, i "pretend" to be Uncle, sitting there finding words.

The staff was asking my mum if she wants drawing.  My mum was not keen.  Another staff was telling me, usually elderly don't want, must encourage them.  But when she went over to persuade my mum, was not successful. So with few elderly, guess they are the same diagnosis with my mum as the same few elderly in the same group in the afternoon activity.

They were each given a plastic spoon, then a ping pong ball was pass round, the last elderly will put the ping pong ball in the egg tray.

Tea break, croissant with egg filling

While at home, I was asking my mum, how come she doesn't want to draw.  Her answer was, she doesn't know how to draw, waste paper, waste crayons and she likes to play ping pong.

8th Mar (Thur)

As I was rushing for time, as I was going to the Day Care Centre, I didn't manage to go to the supermarket to get some items need.  Have to make another trip.

On Monday (5th Mar), pass by a Cafe which is next to the venue for my class, saw they have a new item, which is Nasi Kerabu with Chicken Satay.  Was back to try it out.

While on the way to the cafe, pass by a temporary stall selling the above, not too sure what it's call, I ever eat it and like it.  Bought a small pack @ $3.50.

Nasi Kerabu with Chicken Satay @ $6.90

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  Chinese Ministry Pastor and some volunteers from PPH Brethren Church was there to sing song and Pastor preach a small sermon.

Tea break was yam cake with a piece of cake brought over by the volunteers of PPH Brethren Church to celebrate birthday for those born in the month of March.

* Facebook picture

Had my workout at Raffles Holland V

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 10 (Part 1 of 4)

5th Mar (Mon)

Some problem, called up the relevant Government Agency, somemore, it's Monday, the phone call was a bit difficult to get through.  When I manage to get through, I was told system problem and Islandwide affected and ask me to check back the next day and the lady was telling me, she has received a lot of calls when she step into the office.

Lunch at a neighbourhood coffeeshop, vegetarian bee hoon mee @ $3.00.

I like this kind of noodle, forget to ask the seller where she got the noodle from.

Need to go to the Community Centre to register for an event, as the Day Care Centre that my mum goes to, is next to the Community Centre, I went to the Day Care Centre.  My mum share table with an Uncle.  The Uncle everyday will bring along a book, whenever there's free time, he will find those words.  It so happen he was tired and "sleeping", I ask him if he could lend me the book to find those wording.

Before going for my class, I drop by the Food Court again.  Thus round, manage to eat bo bo cha cha @ $2.10. 

6th Mar (Tue)

Joke of the day

There's an elderly Auntie who stays a storey below me, she also goes to the Day Care Centre, but different Centre.  It so happen when bringing my mum down to wait for the transport, bump into Auntie and her daughter.  Auntie daughter ask me if I am bringing my mum go drink coffee, then she told me the Day Care Centre her mum goes to is closed.  So I told her, my mum is going to the Day Care Centre as the Centre my mum goes to is open.

While waiting for the transport, was stun when Auntie transport turn up, so I walk over to the driver and told the driver, I bump into Auntie and her daughter and was told the Day Care Centre was closed.  The driver then said no leh, not close, got open leh.  The driver then call up Auntie daughter who told him she receive a letter saiding the Day Care Centre was closed.   Then heard from the driver that fetch my mum that Rehabilitation Centre is close, Day Care Centre is open.

Lunch was tahu telor @ $4 at a neighbourhood halal coffeeshop.

My relative gave me a packet of the above during CNY.  My mum don't eat it.  If I were to open the packet, I will end up finishing the whole packet in no time, then I will have to work extremely hard to burn it off.  So what to do with it.  I open up the packet, pack 1/2 packet, bring to PPHCSC Tuesday karaoke session.  Usually every Tuesday, there will be this guy, nickname haha who will be there to sing karaoke.  From what I understand, haha likes titbits, so share the calories with haha.

Tea break at the Day Care Centre for my mum.

Wanted to go for workout, but was tired, end up resting.

Friday, March 9, 2018


The other day, while going for workout at Sentosa Broadwalk.

Saw FUN-Tastic, curious, so make a trip to Sentosa.

Reading my Zodiac sign, there's a Snoopy, so took picture of it.

Giant Snoopy in the middle of Sentosa Broadwalk.

Snoopy fishing



Inside Sentosa Island

@ Beach Station

Nothing much there.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


3rd March (Sat)

Again, my mum throw tantrum in the morning when I ask her to take her medication.

As usual, went Church, then went Bukit Merah Central for early dinner.  The coffeeshop she wanted to go, only the Malay and Indian stall is open.

My mum had soto ayam with bergedil @ $3.70.

I had dry mee Siam with chicken wing and egg @ $4.

4th March (Sun)

It has been a while since I went Bukit Panjang Plaza for Kickboxing workout.

*Facebook picture

Bukit Panjang Plaza Kickboxing workout is on every alternate Sunday from 10am to 11am lead by Instructor Dennis.

After the workout, I need to take my lunch and also to tabao food back for my mum.  While walking round at Hillion Mall which is opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza, saw 干捞面, order a bowl at $4.90 to try out.  Nothing to shout about.

The noodle

Went for a hair cut in the late afternoon, has been 2 months since I last had my haircut.  The hairdresser was mentioning, best to have it cut after 1 to 1 1/2 months, if not the hair will be out of shape.  But for me, I only go when I feel that my hair has grown long and time for a haircut.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Same old question (2nd Mar)

My mum was early at the void deck waiting for the transport picking her to the Day Care Centre.  I quickly walk over to PPHCSC, seeing no Q, I went in for the breakfast.

As usual, bee hoon with youtiao.  Egg is prepare by a neighbourhood neighbour.  As for the 三层肉,not too sure who prepare it.

There is also dumplings which is my favourite.

I have to swallow my foods as I need to walk back to the void deck to make sure my mum board the transport.

After my mum board the transport, I was back at PPHCSC.   Auntie Lee is there. She was asking me if I have to PAY for the transport to the Day Care Centre.  My answer is YES.  Her reply is, she thought that the transport is FREE

As it's the first Friday of the month, birthday celebration for those born in the month of March.

* Archive photo - then it's bingo time

After the breakfast session at PPHCSC, I went to the Day Care Centre as I need to make payment for the Day Care Centre fee.

After my mum has taken her lunch at the Day Care Centre, I went out for a break, I didn't take lunch as I was not very hungry.  Just when I was going for a cup of coffee at an eatery place, saw one of the neighbourhood auntie who is a regular at the breakfast session in PPHCSC having her lunch there.  We didn't have chance to chit chat at PPHCSC as usually the place is crowded and we don't get to sit together.

She was sharing about some people at the breakfast session who likes to bad mouth other. So I share with her, the other time when my mum didn't go for the breakfast session, there were people asking me where is my mum where I said my mum went to Day Care Centre.

Then I was ask the question, how much I have to pay for the Day Care Centre.  My reply is each individual fee is different.  The subsidy from Government is depend on individual salary.  Then the question I was asked is, then how much I  have to pay, which I did not answer them.

After that, we went on our own way, auntie went to her cousin place and I went to the Day Care Centre.

While on the way home from the Day Care Centre, I bump into Uncle Choo''s wife.  I was pop with the question, do you have to pay for the Day Care Centre. Yes, yes, yes, I have to pay.  Where got free leh.

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