Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas decorations @ Changi Airport

 Christmas decorations @ Changi Airport.

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 3

@ Terminal 1

@ Terminal 2

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Saturday (9th Dec)

My mum throw tantrum that morning by said doesn't want to go Church anymore.  Ask her why, her answer is have to walk a distance to take the transport.  Reply her, we slowly walk, after the service end, we go eat.  She then oblige.

As usual, after service, we went Bukit Merah Central for early dinner.  Same coffeeshop.

My mum had longtong @ $3

I had chicken rice @ $3

They do sell dumpling and wantan soup.  Ask if could mix.  The guy said ok.  So it's 3 dumplings and 5 wantans @ $4.

After that, balik kampong.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Joke of the day

I was suppose to meet a friend from Ipoh who will be arriving at Singapore Changi Airport.  I didn't ask for the flight number, can said I absent minded lah, forgot to ask.  The flight supposed to land at Terminal 4 at around 2.30pm but was delay.  Was what-apping with friend to let me know when the flight is about to take off.  Was then told friend flight will land at pass 4pm.

Since I was early, I went to roam around the Airport till about 3 plus then proceed to Terminal 4.  The first thing I did when in Terminal 4 was to check the screen whether the flight has landed.  No Ipoh, oh no.  Went to check with Information Counter.  Was told Scoots from Ipoh land in Terminal 2.  

Chiam oh, how huh.  Went to check screen again, saw Kuala Lumpur, guess maybe friend flying from Kuala Lumpur, so I just sit there and wait.

Saw AK715 from Kuala Lumpur, 1602 will be at Belt 5. AK 713 from Kuala Lumpur, 1608 will be at Belt 4.  So I sat at Belt 5 there and wait.  Friend flight is in Belt 4.  Next time I must ask for flight number and not take for granted that friend flying in from Ipoh.  Friend took bus from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur and fly in to Singapore.  Heard it's cheaper this way.

Then came the malu incident.  Was telling friend, we can cut cost by taking MRT instead of cab.  While in the MRT, was chatting with friend till didn't realise have reach Bugis Station where friend hotel is situated.  We drop at City Hall and have to travel back to Bugis.

After friend check in Hotel and drop her hand carry luggage, we went for dinner.

Stir fry french bean @ $7.80

Shrimp paste mid-wing chicken @ $8

Was telling friend, would love to join her and her daughter in going Orchard Road, but need to go back as my mum is at home and have to make sure she takes her medication.  So bought a packet of duck rice back for my mum dinner.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas decorations @ Vivo City

My mum has been discharge, I can go for workout.  Went for Zumba at Sentosa Broadwalk, before that, went to see the Christmas decorations @ Vivo City.








Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 6 in Hospital (28th Nov)

Since my mum is going to be discharge, I took my own sweet time to go to the hospital.

Thought of going to eat the laksa which my ex-colleague mention not bad at the eatery which I went on Monday.  But I told my mum we will go eat lunch after she's discharge before going home.  Second thought, I forgot to ask what time they are open.  So had chee cheong fun @ $2.50 at the food court going to the ward.  

When I reach the ward around 9.30pm, the first question my mum ask me, why are you so late, then told me she has taken her breakfast which is macaroni and medicine.  Then ask me can she change, told her got to wait for nurse instruction.  A while later, the nurse ask her to change as Emergency Dept.  have patient waiting for bed, then wait at the patient lounge.

While  at the patient lounge waiting to be discharge, the Physiotherapist came.  After the Physiotherapist is done, it's waiting time as was told, doctor doing their rounds.  After waiting for sometimes, still no news, went to ask, they said can discharge, the documents, will mail over. It's goodbye time to the ward.  Went to collect medicine before going to the Food Court to eat.

My mum had yong tau foo (didn't take picture) while I had chicken biryani @ $5.50.

For the biryani

Second round, coffee and pandan kaya cake before bringing her back to rest.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Day 5 in Hospital (27th Nov)

Reached the hospital around 8.30am as not sure what time is the scan.  At around 9am, my mum was wheel for the scan. I was told, my mum will be doing the Ultrasound scan.  I followed the Porter using the staff route.  While walking, we chit chat a bit, she said she chin chye, some Porter don't like patient family member to follow.  If Doctor ask, tell them I am accompanying my mum.  As the Hospital procedure, staff route is not for visitors use. Some  Sister, they will nag.

Saw banner at IMM foodcourt, promotion for the above bento set @ $5.90 on Sunday while I went there for a walk.  So I decided to go there for the bento set.  Borrow my mum Kopitiam Card, since the bento is on promotion, so no 10% discount.

While back at the ward, phone rang, it's the Medical Social Worker, telling me she came to talk to my mum.  Told her I am at the Ward, she then came to talk to me.

In the afternoon, while my mum was taking a nap, I thought I will go downstair walk walk. End up at an eatery where they sell cake, just when I was queuing wanting to buy cake as mouth itchy, eye also greedy, saw someone walking towards the eatery, aren't she my ex-colleague.  We didn't met for many years.  Her husband is in the Emergency Dept, so she came to makan. She mention her husband told her the laksa is nice, so she came here for it.  We did have a good catchup.  While at the eatery place, phone rang again, this round, it's the occupational therapist, he's coming to see my mum walking.

Till late afternoon, no news yet whether my mum will be able to discharge, my mum starts grumbling and again she blame me for causing her to be admitted to hospital.

My mum is someone who is very scare of taking medicine.  I ask her, how come at home, you will tell me why keep taking medicine and in the hospital, you co-operate with the nurse when she ask you to take medicine.  The answer I get is, if I don't listen to the nurse, the doctor won't discharge me.

In the evening, around 6 plus, the doctor told me my mum can be discharge.  She's busy attending to patients, so I got the news at this timing.  Since it's getting late, might as well discharge the next day before noon which I also find it's better to be discharge the next day.

I ask the nurse, the next day, what time can my mum be discharge and I can no need to come so early?  She told me discharge at 11am and I can come around 10am.

I left after my mum takes her medication at around 7.30pm.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Day 4 in Hospital (26th Nov)

Since it's Sunday, don't think that will be much issue, so I took my own sweet time.  Start my day going for the Zumba session at my place there.  Then do some household chore before leaving for the hospital.

 Before going to the hospital, I went for an early lunch.  Had signature mee kia @ $4.50.

Soup for the mee kia

Reach the ward around 10 plus.

While in the patient lounge watching television, overheard the staff talking to a patient about the hospital bill.  I went to ask about my mum hospital bill.  Ask the staff if Pioneer Generation can be used for hospital stay.  Was told Pioneer Generation can be used in Outpatient Specialist Clinic, but not for hospital stay. 

Then ask the nurse what time is my mum scan on Monday, was told they do not know the timing, the department will call, then my mum will be wheel there for the scan.

My mum naps in the afternoon, I went for a walk at IMM.

In the evening, after having dinner, my mum mood was not very good, talk to her, she ask me to go away.  The nurse usually gave the patient medicine at around 7pm to 7.30pm.  My mum was telling me, nurse is coming to bath for her, then eat breakfast, then the doctor will come, she can go back.

Left around 8pm.

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