Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 20 (Part 3)

18th May (Fri)

Told my mum, you go to the Day Care Centre, I don't go.  She then tell me, if the auntie scold her again, how, reply her, don't argue with the auntie, let the staffs know.  She seems want me to go, so told her I will go in the afternoon.

When the transport arrive, the staff was mentioning, they will have staff around the area where my mum's sit to monitor the situation.

As usual, the breakfast at PPHCSC, bee hoon with youtiao.

Laksa prepare by staffs of PPHCSC

An auntie was mentioning to me that Uncle Choo wife was in Hospital.  Uncle Choo was there, ask him about it and which Hospital his wife is in.  But he doesn't know the ward and bed no.

So after the breakfast session, went to the Hospital to visit Mrs Choo.  Since I do not have the ward and bed no., I need to check with the Information Counter.

The first thing Mrs Choo ask me when she saw me is, did you buy anything for me to eat?  I want to eat mee siam, curry.  Reply her, if I were to buy this foods for you, I will be scolded by the doctor and nurses.  Hospital foods is healthy.

The Chinese Ministry Pastor was there to visit and pray for her.  She ask the Chinese Ministry Pastor the same question she ask me.

The weather was so hot that I was at the food court having a bowl of ice kacang.

After that, went to the Day Care Centre.  This round, my mum sit with the Malay guy.  As usual, he was talking non stop.  He ask my mum to give me a slap.  Another moment, I  am a gorilla in the jungle.  Next moment, ask me how come I am not cutting the grass as I am a gardener.  My mum was laughing at what he said, when then he said to my mum, I love you.  Reply him, my mum happy to see you, but she don't love you.

Afternoon activity is bingo.

Tea break for my mum - a piece of cake

Usually after tea break, the elderly will get ready to go home.  The Malay guy was saiding he's taking helicopter back.  

As now is Ramadhan month, I went down to the hawker centre after my mum is back from the Day Care Centre as during the Ramadhan month, the Malay stall will sell foods like kuehs, cutty puff, etc. for 1 month. 

Bought 2 pieces of kueh at $1

The spring roll, they are selling at 5 pieces for $2, but a bit hard for my mum to chew, so bought 2 pieces, inside the filling is otah.

As for dinner, I didn't manage to buy anything as the rice they have, only have rendang which I don't feel like having, and they do not have chicken.

I thought of going to the halal coffeeshop which is a bit of walking distance away, but it started to rain heavily, and not sure when will the rain stop, so drop the idea.

In the end, cook maggie mee with egg and fishball.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Week 20 (Part 2)

17th May (Thur)

As yesterday after I left, there's a Functional Screening where they check the vision, oral and hearing for those at the Day Care Centre.

My mum told me there's a piece of paper, but she can't describe what is that piece of paper.  So I told her I will go to the Day Care Centre to check it out.

Over at my place there, there's a supermarket which is within walking distance, around 5 - 8 minutes, but I hardly buy from that supermarket.  It so happen I need to buy fruit, so I went to the supermarket and then to have lunch.

Had kway teow with prawns fritter and 海带 @ $3.70.

The prawns fritter is nice, only that the prawns is small.

As for the 海带, I don't really like it

Find that the kway teow is oily

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  Usually the afternoon activity is from 1.30pm to 2.45pm.  My mum was assign to a handicraft session.  The session ends at 2.30pm.  So my mum and I walk back to the usual group where they are playing games.

The game they are playing is using a cupboard ruler to hit the ping pong ball.  It so happen my mum was sitting next to the auntie who always said I want to go home.  When the ping pong ball was near them, both of them were wanting to hit it.  Out of sudden, the auntie becomes unhappy and starts scolding my mum, I was not spared too.

The staffs has to intervene, and one of the staff ask apologize and ask not to blame her due to get confusion.  Reply the staff I don't blame the auntie.  My mum was then ask to sit at another area so as to let the auntie cool down.

I then heard that for future activities, they will not be seated together.

My mum tea break - dessert

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Week 20 (Part 1)

14th May (Mon)

As usual, needs to go supermarket to buy grocery.  Nothing in mind to eat, so went KFC.

Had the porridge set, it comes with a cup of coffee @ $3.90.  But I doesn't like the coffee, so I change to milo with a top up of $0.40.

The chicken that is inside the porridge

* Facebook picture

Weather was good, had a good workout at Capital Tower, Strong by Zumba with Instructor Din.

15th May (Tue)

My mum has an blood test appointment at the Polyclinic.  Her appointment is at 11.20am, we were there at around 10am, but the system only allows registration 1 hour before the appointment time.  Even 10.19am also cannot, have to be 10.20am then can register and take Q number.  After the blood test and make payment, send her to the Day Care Centre.

Lunch for my mum at the Day Care Centre - stir fry rice with cabbage and fish.

At first, thought of going back and cook maggie mee to eat, but in the end, eat at the nearby coffeeshop.  My first time ordering without rice.  Had tau kwa, sweet and sour pork and the other one, not too sure what it is called @ $3.

Before the start of the afternoon activity, the staff ask the elderly, which day is it today.  My mum said it's Monday.  Another elderly auntie (the auntie who has always said, has the transport arrive, I want to go home), told the staff, I do not know, I didn't see calendar.

My mum tea break - bread with strawberry spread.

My initial plan was to go workout, but I receive a call last night telling me that I can start Bible Study Fellowship, so now on Tuesday, I will not be able to go for workout except during school holiday where there is no BSF, then I am able to go for workout.

16th May (Wed)

In the morning, bring my mum to the doctor.  As usual, the doctor prescribe 3 months medicine.  After collecting the medicine and make payment, bring my mum to the Day Care Centre.

As usual, the noisiest among the elderly around my mum area, the Malay guy.

My mum lunch - brown rice with braised chicken, steamed egg and vegetable.

As for me, curry chicken with a bowl of rice @ $4.50, nothing to shout about. 

I was tired, so went back to have a nap before going down to fetch my mum when the transport send her back.

Was tired that I didn't go for workout and slept at 9 plus.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Week 19 (Part 4)

12th May (Sat)

Told my mum that tomorrow is Mother's Day, the Church has announced last week that there's buffet after service.  She doesn't want to go, have to sweet talk her, in the end, she said that I force her to go.

Was surprise that the food is at every table, as thought we have to take the food ourselves.  Carrot cake with bee hoon and soon kueh.

After service, as usual, went Bukit Merah Central.

Went to the usual coffeeshop, there's a new stall selling fish soup, my mum wants sliced fish soup @ $4, with a bowl of rice @ $0.50.

This dumpling soup @ $4 is also new stall.  There are 8 dumplings.

Ingredients include minced meat, water chestnut, spring onion.  Overall, nothing to shout about, should have eat something else.

A flower for all Mother's from the Church

Also a $10 Fairprice voucher for Mother's from the Church.

While on the way back, she was again grumbling that she doesn't want to go and I force her to go Church.  Reply her, see, you go, you got flower, got voucher, got food to eat.  If you stay at home, nothing at all.

13 May (Sun)

It has been raining whole morning.  

Had chinese sausage inside the fridge, craving for chinese sausage with fried egg, so cook it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week 19 ( Part 3)

11th May (Fri)

After my mum boards the transport, I walk over to PPHCSC.

Breakfast is beehoon with fishball, fishcake, otah and chicken mid-wing.

No bingo game last Friday, so they had it this week.

I was lucky this round to win something, a small purse.

Saw a regular elderly auntie, her hand was bandage, ask her what happen, was told she has a fall in the kitchen.

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  As usual, the Malay guy, this female, darling, that female, also darling.  And ask my mum to keep an eye on me as I am a gorilla.

Before the start of the afternoon activity, the staff (female) ask each of the elderly to introduce themselves (there are 7 elderly in the group), the Malay guy introduce himself as Raymond, then Hulk Hogan.

The drama part came is where he fell from his wheelchair, due to him talking too much and with his actions.   His wife (his wife needs to be with him at the Day Care Centre whenever he was there), the 3 helpers of the 3 elderly and the staff help him (he's quite big size).  But thank God, he didn't hit his head or injure himself.  Another drama is that he gave the staff a "slap".

Tea break is a bun with otah, as my mum now doesn't take spicy foods, they didn't put otah but spread with kaya.

Before going back, he told the male staff who ferry the elderly back, I love you, the male staff then reply him, but I don't love you.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 19 (Part 2)

10th May (Thur)

I was woken by my mum telling me that she has done her business and she wants to shower.

Just when I have done what I want to do and have a short rest before bringing her down to wait for the transport, she called me again, this round, she has soil herself and I had to shower her for the second time.

As last Friday, I went to see doctor, the doctor told me that, if a week later, my condition didn't get better, ask me to go back to the doctor in which they were refer me to the skin specialist.

So after my mum board the transport, I went to the doctor.  As usual, Polyclinic is packed with patients.  We can't choose doctor.  The other round, I was told it's infection, this round, the doctor told me that it's pimple only.  So was given cream to apply.

After that, time to have my lunch.  Went Bukit Batok West ave 8 as I have in mind to eat pasta.

After ordering, was given a pager, when the food is ready, the pager will blink blink.

I had chicken sausage pasta @ $6

At first I thought whether wants to go to the Day Care Centre anot, in the end, I went.  The Chinese Ministry Pastor and some volunteers from PPH Brethren Church were there.   As they were be in the Day Care Centre on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, they bring over a cake to celebrate those born in the month of May.

A box of biscuit from PPH Brethren Church for the elderly.

There's a new Uncle who just started this month at the Day Care Centre, he's sitting in the same area with my mum, but different table.  I only know on Tuesday that he's staying same kampong as me, but different block when I was at the Day Care Centre on Tuesday, where he introduce himself as Mr T and told me he stays at what block.  Didn't see him today, ask one of the staff, was told, he had a fall and his wife has bring him to the doctor.

In the evening, went for Support Leaders & Event Volunteers Meeting @ Caregiver Alliance Head Office.  Dinner is served, the dinner is alright except that the chicken is bland.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Jurong Park Connector

It has been a long time since I walk the Park Connector.  Jurong Park Connector, a route which I have yet to try out.

Start the walk at an entrance near Corporation Walk.

Building across the river

The walking path


The river

Saw flower along the way

Construction in progress

Map of Jurong Park Connector

Indication on the way, Jurong Park Connector.

Random picture

Walk and walk

Industrial area

Indication of PCN

Walking towards the end of Park Connector

Park Connector ends here

Last picture before walking towards the bus stop to catch the bus.

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