Wednesday, January 17, 2018

16th Jan (Tue)

My mum feet is still swollen after a week.  So went back to Polyclinic see Doctor.  This round, she was given medication.  After seeing Doctor, was at Jurong West st. 42 having lunch, as usual, my mum had her fish soup from her favourite stall.

I had spicy chicken rice @ $4.30 from the stall selling Korean foods.

My plan was to go workout in the evening, but I was so tired that I skip the workout.  Got to work harder in coming days.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

15th Jan (Mon)

Elder-sitting for my mum was supposed to be on Tuesday, but the lady has training on Tuesday, so was change to Monday.


Collection of Food Pack (on behalf of my mum) was suppose to be on every 2nd Saturday of the month from 2pm at the Community Centre.  As last Saturday, I was attending a talk and Sunday, I didn't go and collect.

There's a cafe at the Community Centre selling ice cream, but the weather was a bit cold, so didn't go for it, but go for a hot latte with hazelnut flavor @ $3.50.

After that, went to the counter to collect the Food pack.  While at the counter, i'm a curious person, I came across a Community Centre where they gave Ang Bao for Senior's age 65 and above.  So I ask the staff, how come I came across places giving Ang Bao for Senior's age 65 and above but our constituency doesn't have.  Was told different constituency have different ways in handling things. 

* Picture taken from Facebook

Went for a workout in the evening and had a great chit chat with a kaki.

While on the way back, and buying supper for my mum, saw from the Bakery shop Almond Danish @ $1.50, bought it back to try out.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Vegetarian product

The other day my mum went to see Doctor, the Doctor ask her not to eat seafood, meat, and to go vegetarian as she has high cholesterol.  Ask what about fish, was told, 1 week once, ok.  So I thought I will lookout for vegetarian products in the supermarket.

Vegetarian fish @ $3.25

Vegetarian luncheon meat @ $3.45

My mum loves foods like fried kway teow, fried oyster, mee goreng, etc.  Have to control her intake of it.

Friday, January 12, 2018

1st week of 2018

1st Jan (Mon)

It has been a while since I meetup with my old friend, old as in we know each other for many year, and her son.

She and her son wants to visit my mum.  As they are taking MRT, my place is not near to the MRT station and have to take a bus from the interchange to reach my place.  Was telling her, why not we meet at the MRT station food court there. I will have an excuse to bring my mum out as nowadays, my mum doesn't really like to go out, and staying at home, staring at the four walls, is not good for her.

Earlier on, she has WhatsApp me she will be bringing dumpling for my mum.

On the day itself, she WhatsApp the above photo of the dumpling she has made.  She's good at making dumpling.

As she's a health conscious person, she cooks at home and eat before she and her son came out.  We met for drink and chit chat before she went back prepare dinner.

2nd Jan (Tue)

There used to be a Social Worker who visits my mum every week.  Now the Social Worker visits my mum once a month.  Recently, they introduce the Elder-sitting where his colleague will come in on every Tuesday for one hour to engage my mum with some activities like games, story telling, etc.

3rd Jan (Wed)

Starting this year, on every first Wednesday of the month, the Church starts a singing class.  At first, I was thinking, should I go for the singing class or go for workout.  Second thought, there's workout everyday in whole of Singapore whereby singing class, it's only once a month.  If I go  singing class, I can learn some technique in singing and gets to meet new people. So go for the singing class. 

The singing class, 1 1/2 hour.  The teacher spend 1/2 hour explaining A E I O U in which she mention, if we were to learn singing outside, the teacher out there won't tell us much as it's their rice bowl, unless we pay more.  Nobody initial a group picture, so no picture.  After the class, there's light refreshment before everyone makes their way back.

While having refreshment, the Pastor told me they will be visiting my mum the next day.  When back at home, told my mum about it, her reply was scary. (cos she heard the word Pastor)

4th Jan (Thur)

Friend WhatsApp me in the morning that another friend mum's passed away.  The first thing I ask was when is the funeral, so as to make arrangement to go for the wake.  Told friend that Pastor coming to my place to visit my mum, so I can't go down that day.

Two Pastors from the Hokkien Service of the Church and three sisters came visiting my mum and prayed for her.

5th Jan ( Fri)

Went to the wake of the friend whose mum passed away.

While in Church one of the Saturday, a Sister in Christ blessed my mum with a few slice of Ah Ma cake.  After finishing the few slice, my mum was asking me, anymore.  No Ah Ma cake in Bukit Merah Central, but Cheesecake.  So on the way home after going for the wake, drop by the cheesecake shop.  Managed to get a last original cheesecake @ $8.  

Address of the cheesecake.

6th Jan (Sat)

I did not go for the funeral if my friend mum's as bringing my mum to Church.

After Service, as usual went Bukit Merah Central for early dinner.  This round, we went to the Food Centre as it has reopen after the redecoration & renovation/repairs works.

My mum wants fishball kway teow.  Minimum is $3.  Ordered $4 for her.

Most of the stalls are not open yet, so not much variety to choose from.  In the end, I settle for bak ku teh @ $4.50, with a rice @ $0.50, so total is $5.

My mum wants fried kway teow, the fried kway teow is quite popular, with Q's, Q about 15 minutes for it.  $3.

Durian chendol @ $2.20

6th Jan (Sun)

Starts my Sunday morning with Zumba workout.

Went to buy grocery,  before going back, thought of going for a cup of coffee, but saw Ya Kum has new drink, Honey Lemon, so order the hot version @ $2.

In the evening, was hesitating whether to go for Sunday at the Park 5pm to 6pm Zumba workout as I was feeling tired.  Glad I did go as after the workout, I feel refresh, no regrets.

Group photo after the workout

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Christmas Day (25th Dec)

Early in the morning of Christmas Day, my mum and I were at JEM as my mum wants to eat the porridge from KFC.  After that, we were at the supermarket to buy grocery.  Then my mum wants to eat fishball kway teow.

I had 2 beancurd roll with fish paste @ $1.30 each and a ngoh hiang @ $1.70.

Before going back, was at the Food Court, ordered a salmon with chicken set (comes with a bowl of rice and kimchi) @ $7 to share with my mum.

My mum wanted to eat sushi, there's a sushi counter at the supermarket, bought the unagi set @ $6.50 for her.

My sushi set @ $3.90

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Random Post

I need to get my grocery from the supermarket, so I thought I will drop by my friend stall in Bukit Timah Food Centre to chit chat with her before going to the supermarket at Bukit Timah Plaza which is opposite to get my grocery.

Before going Bukit Timah Food Centre, drop by Sunset Way to satisfy my craving of the Chicken Pie I had in mind.

Saw they also sell Shepherd Pie, decided to have that as it's smaller in size and just in case I could not finish the Chicken Pie which is bigger.  Shepherd Pie cost $4.20.

Inside the Shepherd Pie, there is chicken, button mushroom, pea, diced carrot.

Stomach still have room, so 2nd round, char Siew sou @ $1.20.

Har gow @ $2.50

While at the Food Centre, saw a new stall selling Chendol, original chendol is $1.50, chendol with red bean is $2, chendol with sweet corn is $2, chendol with durian is $3.

I was sitting near my friend stall eating my chendol, when I saw the sliced fish soup stall assistant looking at me eating the chendol, so after my friend done with the customers, we were talking and I mention to her about the sliced fish soup stall assistant, friend was mentioning she was jealous I bought chendol for friend and not her, so I told friend, no reason for me to buy for her lor.

After buying my grocery, went to have coffee before going back since I have not had coffee for the day yet.  Coffee @ $1.50.

When I saw the picture of the otah toast, I was tempted, so bought @ $2.20 to eat.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Year Eve (31st Dec)

It has been a rainy day on the last day of 2017, raining almost whole day.

* Photo credit to RC volunteer.  Started the day by going for Zumba workout.  Last workout for Year 2017.  One of my resolution for 2018 will be not to be lazy, exercise more.

Then bought a packet of vegetarian kway teow mee back to share with my mum.  Cook a simple lunch, shower.

As the other time, at my relative place, my relative gave me a packet of drink to drink in which relative mention, the drink was free when relative bought things from the supermarket and she can't find the drink in the supermarket.  It so happen I manage to come across the drink in the supermarket, so thought I will get some for my relative.

Was back at Beo Crescent. 

Saw a stall at the Food Centre selling chee cheong fun, $0.80 per piece, so order 2 pieces @ $1.60.  Went to order coffee.  It so happen the auntie selling coffee was talking to a cleaner.  What they are talking is more to gossiping.  So I interrupt by placing my order.  She answer me, I am talking, wait.  Seeing that she is more senior than me, I do not want to argue.  Not that you are serving customers.  Anyway, my first and last time order from her.  If I were to be there again, will order from other stall.

The other time, I bought fried hokkien mee from one of the coffeeshop for my mum dinner, this round, bought fried hokkien mee again back for her to eat.  Instead of ordering two $3, I ordered $5 to share.  Container $0.20, so total is $5.20.

Was back at Happy Oven.  Bought a apple strudel @ $1.80, eclair @ $1 each, cream puff @ $1 each,  cheesecake @ $2.50.

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